Important Judgements on Cr.P.C Section 397-437

Important Judgements on Cr.P.C Section 397-437

Important Judgements on Cr.P.C Section 397-437

Cr.P.C Section 397 Distinction between Appeal and Revision- State of Kerala Vs. K.M. Charia Abdullah and Co.-Date of decision 5 October, 1964 -Equivalent Citation AIR 1965 SC 158, 1965 SCR (1) 601.

Cr.P.C Section 397 Evidence Act Section 27 misinterpreted by appellate Court Rehearing ordered-K. Chinnaswamy Reddy Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh– Date of decision 25 July 1962 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1962 SC 1788, 1963 SCR (3) 412.

Cr.P.C Section 397 Interlocutory order test explained-Madhu Limaye Vs. The State of Maharashtra-Date of decision-Equivalent Citation-AIR 1978 SC 47

Cr.P.C Section 397 Jurisdiction not to be lightly exercised when invoked by a private complainant against an order of acquittal against which the Government has a right of appeal under section 397-D. Stephens Vs. Nosibolla-Date of decision 2 March 1951 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1951 SC 196, 1951 SCR 284.

Cr.P.C Section 397 Order which substantially affects the right of the accused, or decides certain rights of the parties cannot be said to be an interlocutory order-Mohit alias Sonu and Anr. Vs. State of U.P. and Anr-Date of decision 1 July 2013 -Equivalent Citation MANU-SC-0633-2013  .

Cr.P.C Section 397 Petition under section 482 converted to revision- Raj Kapoor and Ors.Vs. State and Ors. Date of decision 26 October 1979 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1980 SC 258, 1980 SCR (1)1081.

Cr.P.C Section 397 Revision against order directing complainant to remain present for verification is not tenable-Yogesh Vs. The State of Maharashtra -Equivalent Citation 2015 (1) BomCR (Cri) 750.

Cr.P.C Section 397 Revision order setting aside acquittal and retrial direction upheld- I.O. findings not evidence-Kaptan Singh and others Vs. State of M.P. and another-Date of decision 24 April 1997 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1997 SC 2485.

Cr.P.C Section 397 Test whether interlocutory-K.K. Patel and Anr.Vs. State of Gujarat and Anr-Date of decision 12 May, 2000 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 2000 SC 3346.

Cr.P.C Section 397 what is interim order is explained-Madhu Limaye Vs. The State of Maharashtra-Date of decision 31 October 1977 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1978 SC 47, 1978 SCR (1) 749.

Cr.P.C Section 397 against order refusing Section 156 directing for inquiry Accused to be impleaded-Raghu Raj Singh Rousha Vs. Shivam Sundaram Promoters- Date of decision 17 December  2008 -Equivalent Citation-(2009) 2 SCC 363.

Cr.P.C Section 397 and 146 not interlocutory-Hasmukh J. Jhaveri Vs. Shella Dadlani and another– Date of decision 19 September 1980 -Equivalent Citation- (1981) 83 BOMLR 196, 1981 CriLJ 958.

Cr.P.C Section 397 and 156(3) Interference with order under Section 156(3) should normally be confined to cases in which there are some very exceptional circumstances-Shivaji Vithalrao Bhikane Vs. Chandrasen Jagdevrao Deshmukh-Date of decision 11.03.2008-Equivalent Citation 2008 CriLJ 3761, 2008 BHC 565.

Cr.P.C Section 401 Scope of revision explained-Kaptan Singh and others Vs. State of M.P. and another-Date of decision 24 April 1997 -Equivalent Citation AIR 1997 SC 2485.

Cr.P.C Section 409(2) Sessions Judge has power to transfer part heard sessions case without hearing-In Re District and Sessions Judge Raisen Vs. Unknown -Date of decision-Equivalent Citation-2005 (3) MPLJ 26, 2005 (3) MPHT 411.

Cr.P.C Section 412 (Old) Accused who pleaded guilty can contend that his conviction was illegal-Emperor Vs. Chunilal Hargovan– Date of decision 3 June, 1926 -Equivalent Citation-1926 (28) BOMLR 1023.

Cr.P.C Section 413 Surety is not automatically discharged –Mr. Parkar Hasan Abdul Gafoor Vs. State of Maharashtra & others- Date of decision 22 December 1998 -Equivalent Citation- 1999 (5) BomCR 481, 1999 BomCR Cri, 2000 (120) ELT 620 Bom.

Cr.P.C Section 417 Criminal Appellate Court When can interfere- Dhanapal Vs.  State by Public Prosecutor -Date of decision 1 September 2009 -Equivalent Citation-2009 Cri.L.J. 4647

Cr.P.C Section 417 It is not enough to take a different view of the evidence and there must also be substantial and compelling reasons for holding that the trial Court was wrong- Aher Raja KhimaVs.The State of Saurashtra Date of decision 22 December 1955 -Equivalent Citation- 1956 AIR 217, 1955 SCR (2)1285.

Cr.P.C Section 423(1) High Court set aside acquittal by sessions. It can exceed original sentence Appellate Courts Power of punishment- Shankar Kerba Jadhav and Ors.Vs.The State of Maharashtra Date of decision 8 September 1969 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1971 SC 840, 1970 SCR (2) 227.

Cr.P.C Section 427 Concurrent plea has been rejected as offences were different-M.R. Kudva Appellant Vs. State Of Andhra Pradesh- Date of decision 15 December 2006 -Equivalent Citation- 2007 (1) Crimes 50 (SC)      .

Cr.P.C Section 427 Undergoing sentence means- Sadashiv Chhokha Sable Vs. State of Maharashtra- Date of decision 2 November 1992 -Equivalent Citation- 1993 (2) BomCR 1, (1993) 95 BOMLR 10, 1993 CriLJ 1469.

Cr.P.C Section 427 Different cheques of same transaction with common notice can be trial at one trial-Bapurao Trimbakrao Sonawane Vs. The State of Maharashtra and The Superintendent of Police– Date of decision 10 February, 2009 -Equivalent Citation-2009 (111) BOMLR 1271.

Cr.P.C Section 427 Four cases of Section 138 NI Act consecutive sentence justified- Rajendra B. Choudhari vs State Of Maharashtra And Anr- Date of decision 19 September  2006 -Equivalent Citation-2007 CriLJ 844,  III (2007) BC 650.

Cr.P.C Section 427 Sentence No Policy- Ranjit Singh vs Union Territory Of Chandigarh- Date of decision 23 October 1991 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 1991 SC 2296, 1992 (40) BLJR 929, 1991 CriLJ 3354, JT 1991 (3) SC 550, 1991 (2) SCALE 396, (1991) 4 SCC 304, 1991 3 SCR 742.

Cr.P.C Section 427 Totality of sentence has been considered- Ammavasai and Anr Vs. Inspector of Police and Ors. Date of decision 3 March, 2000 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 2000 SC 3544, 2000 CriLJ 4662, JT 2000 (7) SC 430, (2000) 9 SCC 749.

Cr.P.C Section 427 Totality of sentence has to be considered- Mohd. Akhtar Hussain alias Ibrahim Ahmed BhattiVs.Assistant Collector of Customs Date of decision 31.08.1988-Equivalent Citation-AIR 1988 SC 2143.

Cr.P.C Section 427 whether concurrent or consecutive has to be considered by the latter Court convicting- M.R. Kudva Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh -Date of decision 15 December 2006 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 2007 SC 568.

Cr.P.C Section 428 Courts should specify the pre- conviction detention. Procedural law is retrospective gives benefit to all convicts- Narayanan Nambeesan Vs. The State of Maharashtra Date of decision 16 July, 1974 -Equivalent Citation-1974 (76) BOMLR 690   .

Cr.P.C Section 428 Death sentence validity upheld- Shiv Mohan Singh Vs. The State (Delhi Administration) Date of decision 10 March 1977-Equivalent Citation-AIR 1977 SC 949, 1977 SCR (3) 172.

Cr.P.C Section 428 Set off if not given simple misc. application is sufficient- Namdeo @ Ram Krushna KhotVs.The State of Maharashtra -Date of decision 5 October 2006 -Equivalent Citation-2006 (6) MhLj 783

Cr.P.C Section 429(2) Trial is not likely to be concluded in the near future or the period of incarceration would not be sufficient for granting bail- Dinesh M.N. (S.P.) Vs. State of Gujarat Date of decision-Equivalent Citation-AIR 2008 SC 2318.

Cr.P.C Section 433A Case of convict was to be considered on strength of policy on existing date of his conviction- Remission- For remission policy as on conviction date would prevail. If beneficial to convict policy as on date of consideration also applicable- State of Haryana and Ors.Vs. Jagdish and Harpal- Date of decision 22 March 2010 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 2010 SC 1690.

Cr.P.C Section 433A Life imprisonment is for 20 years unless directed otherwise- Mulla and Anr.Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh- Date of decision 8 February 2010 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 2010 SC 942.

Cr.P.C Section 436 Bail in bailable offences is rule- Rasiklal Vs. Kisore Khanchand Wadhwani- Date of decision 20 February 2009 -Equivalent Citation-AIR 2009 SC 1341.

Cr.P.C Section 436 Court to call information whether the accused was released on bail or not- Salim Ikramuddin Ansari and Anr. Vs. Officer-in-Charge, Borivali Police Station and Ors. Date of decision 13 August 2004 -Equivalent Citation-2004 (4) MhLj 725, (2004) 106 BOMLR 868.

Section 436 Interim Bail is inherent-Sukhwant Singh & Ors. Vs. State Of Punjab- Date of decision 18 May 2009 -Equivalent Citation- (2009) 7 SCC .

Cr.P.C Section 436 The accused in bailable offence bailed out by police need not apply to the Magistrate for fresh bail- Monit Malhotra Vs. The State of Rajasthan-Date of decision 7 November 1989 -Equivalent Citation-1991CriLJ 806, 1990 (1) WLN 632.

Cr.P.C Section 437 Accused cannot be kept in jail for failure to make payment as per bail order- Sandeep Jain Vs National Capital Territory of Delhi Rep. by Secretary, Home Deptt. Date of decision 18.01.2000- Equivalent Citation -2000 (1) ACR 276 (SC), (2000) 2 SCC 66, AIR 2000 SC 714, (2000) CRILJ 807, 2000 (I) OLR 390, (2000) 1 ALD (CRI) 456, (2000) 2 PLJR 63, JT 2000 (1) SC 166, 2000 (1) SCALE 14.

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